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INTRODUCTION: In which the scene is set. Once the scene is set, there may well be a bit of admin.


The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached. This website is one primate's attempt at elucidating his own leaps in consciousness in the hope that some of it will be of use to you, the reader.

Stuck in a Quagmire

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Another 6 months go by and I suddenly feel the urge to share my innerspace with the citizens of the globalGiggity giggity Go information network which will one day be known as "the Internet Version 1" (certainly if Kim DotCom has anything to do with it).

Why am I inspired? This podcast from Duncan Trussell had a lot to do with it:

The synopsis is accurate: "we talk about art as religion, overcoming creative blocks, and allowing the magic of the imagination to flow through you into the world." It certainly inspired me and I encourage you to listen - they are fascinating people dedicating their lives to the creative process.

I've been thinking a lot about technology, too, so stay tuned for a post about the new paradigms in currency, mycelial information networks, and how Willam Gibson's Neuromancer link them all together.