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I got more seriously into coding (with the Ruby programming language) recently, and it mostly just showed my hollow skills up for what they are!

The side-effect of all of this extra computing was the computer I was using to to compute stopped computing. Massive hard-drive failure is always a great excuse for a clear out. I decided at the same time to finally update to the latest Joomla, then start trying to make my site a little more W3C compliant and the code more readable. Oh, and enable encryption on the site so I didn't end up with a database full of fake Russian hacker accounts (which is what happens without HTTPS).

None of this is remotely interesting for anyone else, but for posterity and my own gratification, I thought I'd update this page. More ACTUAL content will come soon.

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Another 6 months go by and I suddenly feel the urge to share my inner space with the citizens of the global information network which will one day be known as "the Internet Version 1" (certainly if Kim DotCom has anything to do with it).

Why am I inspired? This podcast from Duncan Trussell had a lot to do with it:

The synopsis is accurate: "we talk about art as religion, overcoming creative blocks, and allowing the magic of the imagination to flow through you into the world." It certainly inspired me and I encourage you to listen - they are fascinating people dedicating their lives to the creative process.

I've been thinking a lot about technology, too, so stay tuned for a post about the new paradigms in currency, mycelial information networks, and how Willam Gibson's Neuromancer link them all together.

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