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I have been working on a series of articles about mental health. They have taken some time to come together, and we are reaching the end.

Today I posted part 4 - in time to react to Suicide Prevention Day. Sadly there appears to be little progress in reacting to our shared mental health crises with any effectual action to treat the root causes. One of the books that influenced me the most recently on the subject was Lost Connections by Johann Hari (not to be confused with the author of 'Sapiens').

I urge anyone effected by this who is looking for new perspectives to give this book a read or at least listen to Johann talking on one of the many podcasts where he has recently been a guest (just search online).

The final part will have more of a spiritual influence and seems the natural successor to this latest plant-based report. I must now finish the series: ever since reading Douglas Adams I have secretly longed for my own trilogy of five!

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I got more seriously into coding (with the Ruby programming language) recently, and it mostly just showed my hollow skills up for what they are!

The side-effect of all of this extra computing was the computer I was using to to compute stopped computing. Massive hard-drive failure is always a great excuse for a clear out. I decided at the same time to finally update to the latest Joomla, then start trying to make my site a little more W3C compliant and the code more readable. Oh, and enable encryption on the site so I didn't end up with a database full of fake Russian hacker accounts (which is what happens without HTTPS).

None of this is remotely interesting for anyone else, but for posterity and my own gratification, I thought I'd update this page. More ACTUAL content will come soon.

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