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After years of the finickity development of this site, and as it still languishes without content, I have hopefully discovered the source of my holding back - it's ME!

The site was initially going to be an avenue for me to share comedy stuff but with my motivation going up and down so much I have recently realised that standup comedy has been making me too ego-centred. Was I really doing it to make other people laugh, or to satisfy my need for approval? Maybe a bit of both

For now I have decided to focus more on what I can give to others without needing the glory. Maybe the comedy will come in time :)

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Greetings, internet riff-raff and other vagabonds of the information superhighway.

After several iterations (or procrastinations) of this site's design, I have finally settled on a Joomla backend which will finally enable me to easily add content. I know you don't care, but I feel like a bit of closure for my own sake on this matter will finally shift me into content sharing mode instead of fixate-on-the-small-details-that-don't-really-matter mode.

Maybe it won't but here goes. Expect to soon find songs, blog posts, pretty coffees, crazy-cool plant medicine breakthroughs.

Over and out.

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