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As I recently mentioned on the Updates page - I have been inspired to write again. Kicked into a reboot, much like the new series of the classic TV show from my adolescence, Robot Wars.

I watched an episode of it recently; there has been a slight evolution (Craig Charles - apparently unable to be torn away from his DJ duties for long enough to record - is now replaced by Dara O'Briain.) Apart from this change of hosts, the show is chock full of nostalgia for me. I'm not surprised to still see that you can't beat a good flipper as a primary weapon.

But I digress.

This podcast (which very fittingly has been a catalyst for my creativity) talks a lot about 'activation': hitting a sort of watershed moment whereby one's ability to tap into their life's purpose and start manifesting it on a day-to-day basis becomes ingrained, and creativity blossoms. You could talk of it in terms of evolution, but to me, it is characterised more of by a rapid ascent... like taking off in a rocket. The pace of change is more exponential than linear. One thing this reminds me of (in the zeitgeist) is cryptocurrency and the rise of Bitcoin.

If you've never heard of Bitcoin, you are in the majority. For an entertaining introduction (and if you have time for a great TV series), I suggest watching Mr Robot. It won't get you to an understanding of cryptocurrency very quickly, but by the time it arises in the plot you'll be immersed in a world in which the need for another currency is a lot more obvious.

This is one strand of a thread that I've been pulling on recently in my inner space, and it has led to a confluence of ideas that I find fascinating enough to write a series of articles on.

The first will be on Bitcoin and the emerging technologies which lie behind it which are bound to one day shape our lives.

The second will be on Psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics/plant medicines as a technology of consciousness.

The third will be about the overlaps of technological progress, creativity and our evolution of consciousness.

These are all to do with the psyche, in my eyes, so that's the section of the website where they'll be published.


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