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In all the wash of propaganda and diversion that surround the election, it is easy to forget the items the politicians have left off the agenda (which might be why they did it!).

Today there was an article in the mainstream media showing results from a study regarding the use of psychedelics with regards to mental health. This sort of research is vital in changing public opinion on the issue of our denied right of sovereignty over our own minds and consciousness which is propagated by the 40-50 year blip in the human history of psychedelic prohibition which we call the War on Drugs.

This also seems like a good place to repost the article that started this website off for me (in its original incarnation), in order to launch the Psychedelicacies part of the new design:

Today is my birthday.

I have now completed twenty-five orbits of our fair celestial overlord –  known to many as ‘the sun’.

So what? It’s just a day, isn’t it? And what has even changed since the beginning of that quarter-century of cycles? SELF IMPORTANT, MUCH?

I can certainly account for the presence of one molecule within me today which was notthere on that fateful day in 1988, when the womb of my Mama cast me asunder. If you were to count back a further 21 trips around the sun, you would be back in 1967, amid the swell of the wave that would later be dubbed ‘The Summer of Love’. Relevant? Absolutely – for the alien matter that found it’s way into me today was none other than LSD-25 (Lysergic acid diethylamide to its friends).

I speak about this drug as though it made the decision to enter my body, and not the other way around. As if it possessed some third-party agency. As if LSD ‘chose’ me. Whether it was my own energy that manifested this strange chemical into my possession, or a sequence of lucky events, or the invisible guiding hand of the Spirit of Timothy Leary, one thing’s for certain: I was the one who chose to eat it. Well… actually, I licked it off a spoon.

It was the only way to go about it – a small amount of the LSD solution dropped onto a borrowed utensil (which I decided I should probably not return, certainly not without a good clean) had been way more than I would be needing. I used a pipette to transfer as much as I could back into the original container, leaving a tiniest smear of the solution, which I then chose to ingest. What followed was about 10 hours of peaceful contemplation, a rampant creative output that is unmatched for me with any other substance, and the blissful appreciation of a series of beautiful moments (remarkable only in the sense that I would otherwise not have bothered noticing them).

So… what has urged me to share this experience with a host of potential friends, family members, and internet strangers? It is neither big nor clever to boast of drug use, and any insight into the drug’s effects can only really be known by taking it for oneself.

Well, dear reader, I am making a stand. I am coming out of the closet.
For those of you who might be thinking “Ah, I thought old Nick would turn out to bat for the other side”,  HOLD ON.

This closet is a different one. It’s filled with bright, luminescent colours. Time behaves differently inside it. It’s not sexual… it’s psychedelic. I am a tripper. And proud.

With this admission comes a declaration… The War on Drugs is OVER.

It might not seem like it; what with people being arrested left, right and centre for the possession and supply of drugs; and with new drugs being banned every year; and with the mainstream press continuing to run misinformed scare storied about most illicit substances. But it most definitely is.

How do I know that? Because despite it being 46 years since the Summer of Love, where LSD use was at a peak,  and 48 years since it was banned in the UK (deemed as dangerous as heroin), it is still available.

It was made available to me – somebody without many connections, without the knowledge to synthesize it themselves, and who didn’t even have to leave the house – solely by virtue of having an internet connection. And it was delivered to my door by the postman (a regular postman, not a part-time postman who also deals acid, though I’d love to find one of those). And this route of attainment can be used for virtually all illegal drugs. Not only can you now get almost any illegal drug at high quality and without having to leave your home  (anonymously, through black market websites), but it is also possible to buy an ever-increasing range of legal analogues for much cheaper. LSD alternatives, and ones for most other categories of the drug, are sprouting up quicker than they can be legislated against. Technology has developed to the point where the authorities do not have a hope.

The supply of drugs will not dry up unless the demand does the same. And it hasn’t. Humans will always want to alter their conscious state using drugs. They have done it for thousands of years, using sacred plants found in nature. That desire was not about to stop because some politicians in a room somewhere made a decision that it was dangerous and even morally wrong. The prohibition is the anomaly. And now it is being outsmarted.

So it is over. Anybody still arguing for prohibition is just out of the loop and unaware of the reality of the easy availability of all manner of substances legal and illegal, even after nearly 50 years of the ‘war’. Anybody still making arrests in the name of the ‘war’ is just playing out a meaningless skirmish in a battle that has already been lost.

As a drug user, I’m going to be reporting from the front lines on some of the feeble last attempts at public control to be made in the name of this ‘war’, as well as discussion on the role of consciousness expansion in society and random associated tidbits from psychedelic culture. I felt like I had to pick a theme for the blog, but there will also be general discussion, a bit of a music and comedy somewhere down the line, and a few political ramblings in so much as they’re tolerated.

Peace out mo’ fo’

Nicko Stebbo

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